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5C Network bets on Prodigi

04:10 PM Oct 27, 2022 IST | Charu Singh
5c network bets on prodigi

~ India’s trusted radiology interpretation platform, is now


~ Prodigi is an advanced, artificial intelligence-powered platform, with vast automation and machine learning, enabling marketplace-like access for diagnostic establishments across India to find credentialled radiologists online, to report their scans 24/7/365.

New Delhi, 27-October-2022: India’s largest and most trusted radiology interpretation company, 5C Network Pvt Ltd, which recently raised series A capital successfully, is working on a transition from a services-denominated delivery model, to a platform-driven play that drives scale and consistent outcome for their fast-growing client base. The company is on the path of building digital infrastructure to deliver better healthcare diagnostics in India, the core of which is its technology stack called PRODIGI. Hence the company announced the migration from the service-oriented to their platform


Commenting on this transition, the company spokesperson said that Prodigi would play a pivotal part to consolidate the vast and widespread unorganized space in remote radiology in India, by moving clients up the value chain from their experience of mere tele-reporting from unorganized players, to cutting-edge teleradiology in its widest scope and advancements.

Tele-reporting relies heavily on individual (or a set of individuals) radiologists leveraging their personal relationships with a manageable set of diagnostic establishments, offering their skills and experience, multiplexed by remote working. Understandably, any overdependence on an individual is fraught with the risk of partial or total unavailability, uncontrollable delays, or reporting deficiencies. From a radiology standpoint, this could cause a patient outcome to spiral out of control. 

Teleradiology, on the other hand, dispenses with dependency on any single person or entity to deliver outcomes. It replaces “superior individual capability” which is in short supply, with a scalable, technology-driven delivery model that addresses key customer needs objectively. The focus is on ensuring the well-defined quality of reports and measured timeliness for reporting, both of which at an affordable cost for the diagnostics establishment. Such a model requires a marketplace platform to enable diagnostic establishments to find credentialed radiologists online.

Prodigy enables this marketplace access and provides radiologists with extensive reporting capabilities and tools – ensuring the highest quality of reports. Studies have reported that on average, an individual radiologist could report incorrectly in 5-15% of their cases, based on their training as well as the complexity of the case. Yet, Prodigy incorporates rigorous quality control triggers using 6-sigma methods, and the accuracy rates on the platform are as high as 99.55% or more.

Such performance on Prodigi has been made possible by integrating world-class AI software on the platform, building powerful routing algorithms for cases to find the best radiologists in the shortest possible time, built on a base for image viewing (using the PACS technology), and storing them efficiently, incorporating powerful image viewing software and 1000s of standardized reporting templates for consistent, high-quality reports, and also building mobility and flexibility for the platform to be accessed on desktop and mobile devices.

Kalyan Sivasailam, founder and CEO says, “In a country that does close to about a million scans a day, with only about ten to twelve thousand radiologists available, there’s a shortage of radiologists. Apart from reporting errors by a radiologist, there could also be other challenges such as the radiographer may have not taken the right scan or in the right position, or the patient may have moved, thereby resulting in an unreportable scan. Radiologists do try and work with whatever they have at their disposal. Yet due to these critical gaps, the industry is currently grappling with a whopping 15% or higher error rate.”

Prodigi minimizes these errors significantly by ensuring that the reporting radiologist has all the critical elements that are surrounding their reporting system. Using Prodigi, a hospital or diagnostic center can upload a digital image on the platform seamlessly. The image is read by an artificial intelligence-powered system, which in turn assigns it to radiologists, based on their experience and expertise. The radiologists can report on the platform directly and do annotations on the same as well. The platform supports speech-to-text functions when required in addition to providing standardized report templates that save a lot of time. The process features a four-level quality control system to ensure that the scan and the report sent are at par with each other. Owing to this multi-tiered system, Prodigi has achieved a 99.38% accuracy rate!

As the company continues taking giant strides in the space of radiology – bridging critical gaps with the use of smart technologies, Prodigi has a clear path charted out for the foreseeable future. Kalyan continues, “With Prodigi, we have taken a technology-first stand. It is through the power of technology that we are able to deliver accurate, adequate, and actionable reports. Over the next 2-3 years, we intend to install Prodigi in every hospital and diagnostic center in India. Looking beyond teleradiology, we are also extending the Prodigi platform functionality, and are looking to address the enormous diagnostics fulfillment opportunity, which is a booming market for e-pharma, surgery aggregation, and other patient management providers, by offering them a booking platform to choose from and buy a scan or test at an attractive price from a list of credentialled diagnostic centers in any specific location in the country.

 About Prodigi

Prodigi is India’s largest and most trusted radiology interpretation platform, and a market leader in teleradiology services, generating over 1Mn report per year. With a network of over 400 highly competitive radiologists, Prodigi offers teleradiology reporting services for all types of modalities, X-RAY, CT, MRI, NM, and Mammography. Prodigi is one of the fastest-growing online teleradiology reporting platforms in India with 1000+ monthly average user clients, and a dozen AI partners, bringing the best of technology and medical science together to revolutionize the healthcare infrastructure in the country.

With a highly experienced team of professionals comprising some of the finest minds in healthcare and technology, Prodigi offers an accurate and seamless experience to the patient, while reducing the burden on radiologists as well as referring doctors. The brand is also curious and mindful of the ongoing health-tech advancements in the world to deliver high-quality tele-reporting infrastructure.