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75 Start-up Stars on the 75th year of Independence IndiaShoppe

03:30 PM Aug 15, 2022 IST | Charu Singh
75 start up stars on the 75th year of independence indiashoppe


An innovative Omni channel retail & e-commerce venture for B2B & B2C customers that was conceptualized and promoted by Mr. Rajesh Chandan in offering various daily-use products for the entire family in the Metros, Tier 2&3 cities/ towns. The products are designed & produced after enough demand is created through various social-media & other channels of Marketing. All 51 Stores & 652 Pick-up Centre’s operate on COCO and COFO Models & offer a convenient shopping experience. Being committed to building an effective brand identity by aligning the consumers’ perception & expectations with the development of products of the highest quality.

India Shoppe has developed 6 private labels, under the brand names of:
1. ELEMENTS WELLNESS for Health-Care
2. ON & ON f o r Wellness & Nutritional-Care
3. INDIAGRO for ensuring the quality of soil is retained, to help maximize the Yield (for farmers) & are packed with nutrition (for consumers).
4. Mi HOME CARE” for Adding a sparkle to your world
5. NEUSTAR for Personal-Care
6. AAHAR for Food & Gourmet
“Elements Wellness” was prestigiously awarded: BEST HEALTH CARE Brand, in the Personal-
Care category by The Economic Times in 2019-‘20 & 2022-’23!
IndiaShoppe consciously cares for our:
People, by proposing & promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Products, by prohibiting the use of any ingredient(s) not organic.
Planet, by going vegetarian & eco-friendly from the product to package.
Past, by promoting Ayurvedic products which are preventive & also hail from our land.


Rajesh Chandan, Founder

An alumnus of Harvard Business School and an efficient business leader. With over two decades of hardcore exposure in various business verticals. A 1st-Gen entrepreneur from Chennai and a technology enthusiast who updates himself with the latest trends in business & technology by regularly attending various programs at ISB & IIM (Ahmedabad). Has funded several business ideas like:
an online live interactive training platform for up-scaling skills & hobbies. (MiDigiWorld)
an innovative photo-sharing platform powered with the latest technology (Zoomlo)
Mr. Rajesh is also an avid social worker & is associated with various organizations helping the poor & rehabilitation centers. His family has donated a day-care hospital in Ayanavaram which is run by RYA Cosmo Foundation.

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