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Startup Reporter Adds More Women Entrepreneur on 75 Women Entrepreneur List

10:40 AM Apr 05, 2022 IST | sam sss
startup reporter adds more women entrepreneur on 75 women entrepreneur list

COVID 19 shook the business world drastically. The impact of lockdown was not limited to the common man, but it impacted the most early-stage or small businesses. It was tough for the small businesses to offer work from home and get productivity going. But for women, it was more difficult to manage their home and office or their business simultaneously.


Women were always a game-changer; it was them and the society that never knew of their capabilities. They have discovered themselves and shown the world what they can do.

In the last few years, the growth of women in the field of business has increased immensely. Their involvement in the business has contributed to the economy. Every innovative idea and enterprise that was initiated by a woman entrepreneur has given the story of business a new and improved chapter every time. The increase in the involvement of women in business has helped strengthen the economy in many ways. Their ventures have helped to create jobs, generate revenue, and inspire other women to believe in the quote “if she can, then I can” and make it true.


They have stepped out of their shells, started their journeys, proved themselves, broke uncountable stereotypes, made a life for themselves, helped many to make a life for themselves, and showed how empowered they are. These women entrepreneurs have shown everyone that they can manage a business, home, and their life in a completely balanced way and contribute to the growth of everything and everyone. Regardless of their age, background, education, and many factors, they have made a place for themselves and their ventures.

Whether it is the field of hospitality, fashion, or a vast field of technologies, many women have started their enterprises, nurtured them, and brought them up to a level that inspires every woman who dreams to be someone like them someday. Startup reporter, an online news publishing website for businesses and startups, releases a list of women entrepreneurs that are doing great even in this pandemic. The list includes Solopreneur, Startup, SME, and MSME level people and organizations. The objective of this list is to encourage others to come forward and start their entrepreneurial journey and create more job opportunities. These listed people showed tremendous zeal that if you have strong determination and will to start something, nothing can stop you. They showcase that you need to be optimistic and find a solution to the problem. ‘Rise’ is a word that defines growth, and growth is not only monetary growth. Establishing yourself during all odds and having the courage to start your own journey is also connected to growth and this is what these people showcased.

List of   Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Pragati Agarwala: is a Partner at Three Fourth Solutions, Kolkata. She holds a double graduate degree in Psychology Honors & PR from the prestigious Mithibai College of Arts and has interned with highly competitive organizations such as AIESEC Mumbai, MSL Group, and Genesis BM, Bangalore. She’s currently the PR vertical and content strategy lead at Three Fourth Solutions.


  1. Dr. Sandya Advani: is the Founder & Principal Consultant of POSH a firm that provides end-to-end Compliance in POSH- a term used to denote the Act known as Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)Act 2013. She holds an LLM degree and has trained over 15,250 persons.


  1. Sujyothi Prasad: Founder of Mystylecommunication MyStyle Communications works with talented women writers and translators beyond geographical boundaries. Our working philosophy remains to help exceptionally skilled women who have a hard time exploring their full potential due to various circumstances and commitments. Recognized as one of the best content writing companies in Bangalore


  1. Ahilya Deshpande:  Founder of Da Trendzz Enterprises I worked at Osmania University Research Centre, where I used to encounter Scholars from different parts of India dressed up elegantly for Seminars and Lectures. In her collection of Cotton sarees, I began with a difference by making exclusive blouses. The journey is still continuing. Recently a new vertical was added to my business for Plus size Garments Kurti, Pants, Blouse.

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