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Top 10 News Platforms Where Startups Should Publish Their Stories.

01:04 AM Feb 08, 2023 IST | vritt
top 10 news platforms where startups should publish their stories

News is a vital part of our day-to-day lives. It keeps us updated about the current events happening in our country and even all around the world. The news can be about politics, sports, music, stocks, and many more ongoing operations happening. News helps to give people the knowledge they need to make the best decisions possible for their lives, communities, societies, and governments.


However, for this news to reach us, we require a platform. A new platform helps us find what we are looking for on one website instead of multiple searches. Nowadays, news platforms have become very popular and gained a lot of importance. Especially for startups, these news platforms are very advantageous. Startups can promote and market their brand through these news platforms to gain attraction from people reading it. It provides them with various opportunities to grow and build a name for themselves. 

Furthermore, startups need to understand which news platform is the best for them and their company because in the current developing world there is a lot of competition, and to attain the best outcomes you have to choose wisely. So below listed are 10 news platforms where startups should publish their stories. 


1. Startup Reporter

Startup Reporter is a budding news platform. It’s a community for people to share their experiences and stories. Startup presents viewers with the latest business opportunities to help them in growing their businesses. Here you will find news on business, industry, events, startup stories, editorial picks, and much more. Startup Reporter has received impressions of around 104K on Google and has been looked up by more than 1.7K users. 

This online interaction platform is one of the first media platforms to give new businesses, organizations, and people a platform to showcase their work and communicate with their target audience. More than 3500 tales can be found on the startup’s website, which has also received attention from other media sources like DailyHunt, Google News, Clipboard, and Quora. Through Startup Reporter, you can also join various communities and groups pertinent to your interests and needs to build connections. 

2. Startup India

Startup India serves as a digital hub for startups and business owners. It is home to one of the greatest networks in the Indian startup ecosystem, bringing together tens of thousands of important players (startups, investors, incubators, etc.) on a single platform so they can communicate and work together. 

By giving entrepreneurs access to vital information, online courses, a database of government programs, market research reports, free software programs, and other helpful tools, the Portal also attempts to lessen knowledge asymmetry and better prepare entrepreneurs for success. 

3. Yourstory 

The well-known startup platform in India, Yourstory, was launched by Shradha Sharma in 2008. The platform strives to voice the voiceless and to share the experiences of regular people who are driven to bring about change. Stories that the major media wasn’t interested in covering. 

It evolved into a venue for showcasing innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting and enhancing India’s startup ecosystem. YourStory has aided in the development of a strong category throughout the years, encouraging a cooperative atmosphere for India’s developing startup ecosystem with a variety of stakeholders, including business owners, investors, and a very engaged government.

 It has published close to 60,000+ stories of entrepreneurs and people who are making a change. The platform has provided more than 50,000 entrepreneurs access to networking and funding opportunities. YourStory has unquestionably established itself as the most important, respectable, popular, and sought-after voice in the Indian entrepreneurship community.

4. Startup Urban

Startup Urban is a platform that gives entrepreneurs access to information about the startup ecosystem, allowing them to expand without taking any risks. To encourage entrepreneurship and advance the startup ecosystem, the portal presents the stories of business owners. 

Like a seed needs proper care and maintenance to bloom, so too does a business need the right information and direction to thrive. That’s why Startup Urban aims to provide businesses with a great direction and motion to grow more.

5. Times Next

The TimesNext Media Group owns, publishes, and runs TimesNext, a daily digital news outlet in English. One of India’s top portals for publishing startup news and startup tales.  The platform’s mission is to share the experience of overlooked entrepreneurs around the country and assist them in reaching a wider audience. 

It includes information on the newest startups in India and their creators. In addition to this, TimesNext also gives readers news and information on current business and technological issues. They want to build a powerful world with the best services and a user-friendly platform for sharing the most fluent and up-to-date news from diverse industries.

6. Viral Indian Diary

 Viral Indian Diary is an online media platform that was founded in 2015. It aims to inspire everyone and encourage young people to live bravely and confidently because nothing is impossibly difficult. It provides a platform for connecting all Indians and Indian communities worldwide so that they may exchange TRUE-inspiring journeys. 

They publish journals on remarkable Indians as well as the success, inspiration, and startup tales of both ordinary and well-known Indians. These terms include top Indian lists, best Indians, wonderful Indians, informational articles, and entertaining content. The content includes information about their accomplishments, challenges they overcame, a detailed account of their journey, and much more. 

7. Inch 42

The largest tech media portal in India, Inc42, is dedicated to boosting the startup and technology sectors. The three co-founders of Inc42 recognized the need for a platform to tell the unseen tales of persistence and resilience of those working in the Indian startup ecosystem in 2015 when they realized the Indian startup ecosystem was about to explode.

 Inc42 began with a straightforward goal and a small team of three; today, it has grown to a team of more than 60 rock stars and is operationally profitable. Their three main focuses—Content, People, and Connections—help them achieve their objective of boosting India’s digital and startup industry. The platform provides a deep understanding of the startup economy to its readers through data-backed news and analysis.

8. Yo!Success

Yo!Success is an initiative to build a network of businesspeople who have set out on a quest to transform an idea into an innovation. It features interviews with people who are putting a ground-breaking concept that might improve life on Earth into practice. 

Innovation includes not only the development of novel technologies but also the creation of original business models, unbeatable supply systems, and brand-new services that have never been offered before. It is a platform that offers concepts from all fields and businesses that have sped up the pace of life and brought about positive social change. 

Moreover, in their special section of ‘Success Stories’ readers are introduced to some great small businesses that have the potential to be mammoth in their respective industries.

9. Startup Success Stories 

A portal called Startup Success Stories aims to close the gap between nascent businesspeople and current market trends. The platform monitors current market trends and makes an effort to explain them in simple terms. The information is presented straightforwardly so that every entrepreneur may grasp it and take use of it. 

 Startup Success Stories develops information that will assist aspiring entrepreneurs in gaining insight into the current industry by concentrating more on market trends and success stories. Their goal is to deliver the most recent information from the business sector to the new generation of entrepreneurs.

 10. The Startup Journal

The Startup Journal, a blogging platform launched in 2014, is actively promoting the nation’s entrepreneurial culture. It is a platform that enables companies to connect with a sizable group of like-minded individuals. 

The Startup Journal has developed into a platform that has covered more than 1000 businesses from just a blogging website. Their readership is very substantial; according to their claims, they have more than 6 million readers annually.


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